About Roomi

Where is Roomi available?
Roomi is available in the following countries and cities: Czech Republic    Prague Switzerland    Geneva Switzerland    Zurich Switzerland    Laus...
Thu, 11 Mar, 2021 at 3:54 PM
How do I contact Roomi?
To request assistance please send an email to hello@roomiapp.com.
Sun, 8 Sep, 2019 at 7:07 PM
Roomi Guidelines
Guidelines To help keep Roomi safe and trusted, we’ve developed these standards and guidelines. These are developed based on experiences and interactions wi...
Sun, 8 Sep, 2019 at 12:15 PM
Is Roomi free to use?
Almost anyone can use Roomi. It's free to sign up and list your space. You can list your available space in any of the locations we support. It's ...
Mon, 1 Mar, 2021 at 10:54 AM