Existing GiD user creating a new Roomi Account (iOS)
These steps will show you how you can connect an existing GlobaliD name to a new Roomi account. When logging in to Roomi, you'll choose the option "Continue with GlobaliD" and you'll input your GlobaliD name and password. Log in using your email address will not work.

For Mobile Apps
Step 1: Tap 'Sign up'

Step 2: Choose your location - Where are you looking?

Step 3: Click on "Already have a GlobaliD name"

Step 4: Add your GlobaliD Name

Step 5: Click "Continue"Step 6: Enter your passwordStep 7: Click 'Continue'

Step 8: Accept Roomi's ToS and Continue

Step 9: Fill Sign up form and continue with account creation

Step 10: Add Profile Photos

Step 11: Choose Personal or Business Account

Step 12: Upgrade Account or 'X' and Browse for Roommates