What is my GlobaliD name?

Your GlobaliD Name is a unique handle that represents your digital identity. Any time you log in to a another GlobaliD-supported platform, it'll be tied to this GlobaliD Name, allowing you to build a trusted reputation for this identity. You can claim any GlobaliD name of your choosing as long as it’s available — and it doesn’t even have to be your real name. 

No two people can have the same name, but users can have multiple names for public and private purposes. You cannot change your GlobaliD name once it has been claimed.

For existing Roomi users connecting GlobaliD with Roomi-  When you create a GIobaliD name and connect it with your Roomi Account, you can  use GlobaliD to log on to Roomi and use your old Roomi email and password to log in.

Please note that the password for Roomi and GlobaliD login are not the same passwords.

How do I find my GlobaliD name on Roomi?

Depending on what you're using, you can check out your GlobaliD name with the following steps:

On Web:

  • Click on your profile photo on the top right.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Under Personal, you'll see Username. This is it!

Mobile Apps:

  • Click on More in the Menu.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Under Personal Information, you'll see Username. That's the one!