How do I sign up with Global ID?
Signing up with GlobaliD is easy! It takes only a few minutes for a lifetime of digital security. 

New Roomi users creating an account

If you're a new user and you're signing up on or on iOS, GlobaliD is an automatic part of the signup process. During onboarding, you'll be prompted to choose a GlobaliD name, create a password and verify your phone and email.

If you're signing up with Android, you need to select "Sign up with GlobaliD" when you sign up for an account.

Existing Roomi users connecting GlobaliD account with their Roomi account

If you haven't logged in to Roomi in a while, you'll see a pop-up asking you to establish your Roomi account details to connect with GlobaliD when you're signing in.

In the pop-up screen, you'll see the name and email associated with your existing Roomi account. Review the email connected to you Roomi account. Make sure you have access to this email address because GlobaliD will need to send codes to this email. You can also use a different email address - When you do, the original email connected with your existing Roomi account will be updated to the new one you verified on GlobaliD.

Click on "Continue", in the following steps you can choose a GlobaliD name, then verify your phone and an email.

That's it!

Once you've completed the process, your existing Roomi account will now be connected to GlobaliD. The next time you log in, you can use your old email sign up and password OR use Continue with GlobaliD to access your Roomi account.

Please note that the password for Roomi and GlobaliD login are not the same passwords.

Please contact for any questions or concerns.