When you need to find a roommate fast, you can use a Super Boost and push your profile to the top of the search page in your area, so users see your profile first.

Super Boosting your profile on Web

  • Login to your Roomi account
  • Click on your profile photo to access the Menu 
  • Or click on the Lightning Bolt icon next to your messaging tab
  • Click Super Boost your profile
  • Choose a Super Boost duration
  • Complete your payment

Super Boosting your profile on Mobile Apps

  • Tap More from the menu at the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Tap Super boost your profile in the To do Section under your Profile Photo
  • Choose a duration
  • Complete your payment

Super Profile Boosts are intended to get more eyes on your profile but they remain non-refundable and do not guarantee you a roommate.