Tip 1: Read the listing carefully, look for spelling grammar and spelling mistakes.

Tip 2:  Use google to search images used in the listing. Doing this will show if the photos are taken from other websites and are from a different location. 

Tip 3: Do your research! Determine how much a standard room goes for in your area, especially if the rent is too good to be true. For example, someone lists a place in Midtown NYC for $800, but a room will generally go for over $1,500, it's likely a scam.

Tip 4: Avoid giving your email address or personal information immediately. Scammers will ask you to provide them your email address or phone, so they can get to know you better. They will do their best to take the conversation off the platform.  

Tip 5: Roomi team will never confirm bookings outside out of our platform. If the user is convincing you to confirm via text or email, its likely a scam. 

Tip 6: Ask the lister to do a video walkthrough. If they refuse and gives you an excuse, it's likely a scam.

Tip 7: Look for a sense of urgency. For example, scammers will pressure you to secure the room by placing a deposit immediately, even if you haven't visited the place. 

If you suspect someone on Roomi is trying to scam you, please report  the user and reach out to our Support Team at security@roomiapp.com