If you'd like to change the answers to your questionnaire responses when you first signed up with Roomi, you can do so on our website or the iOS app.


  • Login to your account from our homepage by clicking Log In in the top right-hand corner
  • Click your profile photo in the top right-hand corner
  • Click Profile
  • Click Edit Profile
  • Click Questionnaire from the menu on the left-hand side or scroll down to Questionnaire
  • Edit any of your responses and then click Save Changes at the bottom


  • Tap More from the menu in the bottom-right hand corner
  • Tap Edit Profile at the top under your profile photo
  • Scroll down to the Questionnaire section to change or select your answers
  • Tap Save

To obtain more information regarding this topic or to request assiatance please send an email to hello@roomiapp.com.